– How many computers can i install microsoft office professional plus 2016 on free

– How many computers can i install microsoft office professional plus 2016 on free

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– How many computers can i install microsoft office professional plus 2016 on free

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Technology in terms you understand. Sign up for the Confident Computing newsletter for weekly solutions to make your life easier. Click here and get The Ask Leo! The old computer is still offfice. Can I re-install on my new computer? Will it recognize and allow me to use the product key? Become a Patron of Ask Leo! How many computers can i install microsoft office professional plus 2016 on free means you plan to stop using the package on the old machine, and start using it on the new.

No problems, no conflicts, and no questions. In practice things get just a little grayer than that, though. Some software publishers have license agreements that state you may install on a certain number of machines as long as only one is in use at any time. Others allow you to make a single copy of the software as a backup. For Microsoft Office specifically, I was lead to believe some time ago that one could install it on up to three machines for personal use.

Subscribe to Confident Computing! Less frustration and more confidence, solutions, answers, and tips in your inbox every week. Info passed along by a friend: One thing to be very careful when moving a copy from one machine to another how many computers can i install microsoft office professional plus 2016 on free to uninstall it on the old machine before you re-install it. My understanding is this can be a pretty complicated issue.

These жмите сюда the best of my recollections from installing it at work and at llus several times. The regular microsoft office retail version can be installed on two machines, a desktop and a portable laptop machine. This is also true for for the free version many folks received several months ago when it first came out.

Vague recollection: When you first use it you have to activate it. This basically phones home through the internet. On the 3rd activation, it will not activate and says you can call a toll free number to activate. When you call, if you say you moved it from one machine to another they will allow this.

They will ask install you uninstalled it from one of the old computers, for which you will have to tell them yes. The student and teacher version of microsoft office can be installed on three machines. The OEM version of microsoft office can only be used on the computer it was purchased for or came preinstalled on.

If it is activated on that machine and you try to install it on another machine, you will have to computrrs the toll free activation number. Again, these are my best recollections and I would like anyone who knows продолжить to add another comment microsfot My understanding, at least on Officeis that по этому адресу can be installed on one desktop and one mobile device.

Istall do not recall it specifically defining mobile devices, so I would take that to mean a PDA or a laptop. How does one go about transferring Microsoft Office Student How many computers can i install microsoft office professional plus 2016 on free посмотреть еще from an old computer? Do I just uninstall and re-install using the product key again?

Does anyone know if there is a difference in the amount of computers that the professional edition of office can be installed on. I need to install on 3 desktop computers possibily 4 pn need узнать больше know the best route to take. I need the professional edition either way for publisher and Info Note… Anyone??? The intention was to allow desktop users to also use the software on their portable or notebook computer.

In which case, the software would only be used on one machine at a time. Взято отсюда you are looking to install the software in a small business or home приведенная ссылка multiple computers, you must purchase a copy for each. Put it on as many machines as you want for free, and you can still open any MS formats.

Gonna necro this and say that there are a lot of softwares that use plugins frree only work with office, not with open office, even to this day :.

For Reatil license of both versions office can be installed on One Desktop and One portable offiec within the Household. This copy of software is transferable from computer to other. OEM copies of softwares are ones which come preinstalled with the computer and these softwares are meant for the parent computers only…and these cannot be transferred to any other computer.

201 nad teachers license of Office Xp can be installed on only one computer in a household however thses can be transerred from one computer to the windows 10 iso 64 bits utorrent free. Students howw Teachers license of Office can be installed on 3 computers in a household and there is condition of being a Desktop or a portable computer.

Thses are also transferable. My search led me here. I understand this thread is about 8 yrs old however the topic is still alive. However it works which is exactly what count, and fits my budget. Not that MS cares about my budget. If it says your product key has been used too many times, it should also list an option to activate the product over the phone. Call them, explain that this installation is being done because of a computer crash and it is NOT being installed on a new computer, and tell them your product key — then enter the loooooooong number they read off to you and continue with the activation process microsoft publisher 2016 free them on the phone until it is actually activated.

How do I know this? About once a year I have to call them up and phone register my copy. Annoyed at this routine, I once asked them why I had to keep calling. The answer? Some sites sell discs with keys for multi-licensed software, some sell pirated copies with the same activation key… and microsoft may wind up asking you how many computers can i install microsoft office professional plus 2016 on free questions. Is seems rediculously unfair and truely confuses me.

Any answers out there? Why, what could be the reason? Can i install it on 2 machines? You can install it on one machine plus 1 portable i. Perhaps someone who has the non-upgrade version can check it out and post here. I travel a lot and need to take посмотреть больше laptop in order to enter data into office 97 I have a genuine Office professional installed on my home PC and the transition of data especially in outlook makes things messy as the pst file is not compatible.

Can I install a copy of Office on to the laptop, since I only use one computer at a time? Thank you. It can only be installed computer at a time. Please read them. They apply to the software that accompanies these license terms, which includes the media on which you received it, if any. The terms also apply to any Microsoft. You should see it about half-way down the page.

I too was wondering about this as I recently purchased a laptop, Office and McAfee for manh college-bound son. I am ready to purchase the same laptop again for our home use because it was a great deal but did not want to buy the other add ons again. The McAfee allows it too. If you bought a retail box, then you can install on a desktop and also a laptop as long as you are the only user of the software.

I recently received a replacement laptop due to mine having issues, do I have to take extra steps to unistall on old computer to be able to enter key on new computer? I have used 3 times related to reformating, desktop and laptop? I bought office and installed it onto my laptop.

The terms of the licensing agreement state that ссылка на продолжение software can be installed on a portable device and a desktop, and the machine which the software is first installed onto is the licensed machine my laptop. Is it legal to now install office onto my desktop PC?

It is not the student version. My manager recently bought Office 07 not knowing that he can not use it for his business. He has 07 installed приведу ссылку the customer computer and wants to remove it, the question is, Do we still get to keep that license that was used to legally install it on the business computer.

I have Office Small Business upgrade,3 user license, installed on three laptops at home. Cab I re-load the Office Small Business ссылка на продолжение on the new laptop. No swapping is possible.

MSofficeto full version was converted via online payment and installation 3 days ago, I want to have it on a 2nd desktop if possible. Can be installed using same product key? If so, how do I do it? Or do I have to break down and call MS support? I just got a new laptop—I took my inetall office disk from my OLD computer and installed it on the new one. Does that offkce I can no longer install it? Some Microsoft Office Word software you can download to three computers.

Others you can only download to one computer. How many computers can i install microsoft office professional plus 2016 on free do you think? Продолжить чтение correct that Microsoft themselves can not answer the question. I have been trying to get an answer for over two weeks now.

Here is some of the fun I have had:.



– How many computers can i install microsoft office professional plus 2016 on free

Diane Poremsky MVP slipstick. Sorry this didn’t help. Seems I remember in the past, but maybe with volume licensing, that you could do this? Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Brand Representative for Microsoft.


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